Treating Trauma

Are you held back by trauma that you have experienced, such as abuse, a natural disaster, an accident, war, or crime?
Were you raised in an abusive home, and you want your relationships to look different?
Does a history of war, abuse, or genocide impact you or your family?

Are you interested in preventing violence and trauma for future generations?

One of my greatest passions is helping people to heal from trauma and preventing violence and trauma.

While that sounds like "heavy work," (and sometimes it is), there is joy in seeing survivors recover their spontaneity and create more fulfilling lives. This is possible when the determination of survivors is supported by safety, information, and new tools and coping skills.

Because I want to reduce suffering from trauma wherever possible, I put some of those tools on my website, for any who may wish to use them. If you or a child you care about experiences flashbacks (intense emotions or sensations rooted in past trauma that can come up unexpectedly), go to my page on " Tools for Coping with Flashbacks." You will find easy, practical things you can try to help reduce the intensity of flashbacks.

You do not have to be stuck in a past that's painful. With support, skills, and information, you can move forward to a life that you choose.

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