Therapy for Grief and Loss

Are you being affected by grief or loss?
Do you often feel numb, overwhelmed, irritable, or exhausted?
Is your family shaken by a loss that makes it hard to function sometimes?

It may be the loss of a person, or it may be more subtle - an illness or disability that strikes you or someone you are close to; the loss of a dream, or the loss of a hope. Grief affects everyone sooner or later, and it's impact can feel devastating.

We live in a wonderful culture with a "can do" attitude and an optimistic spirit. But that same attitude and spirit can make it hard to know how to respond to the things that CAN'T be fixed.

Those who have experienced such a loss sometimes feel that they are left to muddle through grief on their own. Family and friends may want to help, but don't know what to say. A person who is grieving often doesn't want to "burden" family and friends with their feelings.

If you are experiencing complex grief (grief that involves anger, guilt, trauma, and / or ambivalence), it can be even harder to sort out your feelings and find a safe place to express them.

Therapy can help you or your family to process your grief with support. Depending on how you work, therapy might include talking, art, writing, or experiential methods to help you process grief. Therapy can also help you to create your own activities or rituals for managing your grief.

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