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Groups and Workshops: Growth in Action


I often encounter people who yearn for meaning and connection. Groups can offer a rich, playful, and supportive environment in which to connect with others and explore new ways of being in relationship to the world around you.

Growth In Action (GIA) Groups use psychodrama, which is:

  • Embodied learning using theater games and structures
  • Therapy for those of us who hate sitting
  • Playful and profound

No acting experience necessary!



Silhouette of someone holding sun

Basic idea 1: You know more than you think you know.

Working in action unlocks the wisdom of the brain and body together, creating new perspective and new possibilities.

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Frustrated woman with man staring down at his phoneBasic idea 2: “Spontaneity is an adequate response to a new situation, or a new and adequate response to an old situation.” - Jacob L. Moreno, founder of psychodrama

Psychodrama connects you to your spontaneity. Rather than talking about issues or relationships, you embody and enact them.



Basic idea 3: “We are wounded in relationships: we heal in relationships.” - J. L. Moreno

Woman therapy session

As part of a psychodrama group, members take part in each other’s stories, connecting with each other in a way that is seldom experienced in other settings. Growth in Action groups emphasize community, creativity, and empowerment.


Upcoming Growth in Action Groups:

Consultation in Action for Mental Health Providers 

Consultation in Action for mental health providers gives members the opportunity to:

  • Create meaningful connections with peers
  • Nurture personal and professional growth, including working with transference/countertransference
  • Expand your repertoire of creative experiential techniques
  • Fulfill personal therapy hours towards licensure (if needed).

Two upcoming groups are currently scheduled. Participants may sign up for either or both groups. The cost is $50 per group.

Sunday, August 19 

Sunday, September 16

getting unstuck:  moving through obstacles, conundrums, and "stuck places" -- As mental health providers, we all feel “stuck” sometimes. Maybe it’s work with a client that doesn’t seem to move forward. Maybe it’s an issue with a supervisor, coworker, or agency. Or maybe it’s an internal pull to add something else or change something about the way we do our work. Getting unstuck is a workshop for mental health practitioners to identify those places in their own work, connect with spontaneity, move through to new insight and action.

For details or to sign up for any of the Growth In Action (GIA) Groups above, please contact me at (916) 550-5065 or via email at [email protected]

All workshops take place at 2775 Cottage Way, Suite 39, Sacramento, California, 95825


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Circle of Friends Gatherings 

If you love someone with an acquired brain injury or a recent diagnosis of dementia, you may feel isolated, angry, sad, confused - or all of the above. The Circle of Friends creates an opportunity for friends, family, and caregivers to meet for several (usually two to six) 90 minute sessions to help family and friends create a support strategy for themselves and their loved ones. The group has three main goals:

1) To provide information about your loved one's diagnosis, common challenges that people with that diagnosis experience, and brainstorm ways to respond to those challenges
2) To create sustainable support systems. This can mean anything from identifying community agencies and resources to making plans to gather with support people once a month for pizza 
3) To offer a safe space to grieve. Grieving the loss of the "person that was" (or the person you hoped he or she would be) creates more room to love the person who is 

Fee$90 per 90 minute session (Group participants may share the cost of this fee). Scheduled by appointment. Circle of Friends groups may take place in my office or at schools, agencies, community centers, or churches/synagogues. Additional transportation fees based on mileage and commute time applies. 





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